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X-Rays are a very useful diagnostic tool. They let us see into a patient – not only to look at their bones, but also to get a view of their internal organs. At Gold Coast Vet Surgery we have dedicated x-ray facilities on site. The x-ray machine is fully adjustable enabling us to take high quality x-rays on any size pet from the smallest rat or bird, to the largest dog breeds.


If the vet feels x-rays are needed for your pet we will schedule them to be admitted to hospital for the day. Most x-rays are taken under deep sedation or general anaesthetic. This is because the part of the body being x-rayed needs to be perfectly still, and sometimes the animals need to be in rather uncomfortable positions to take the x-rays. Also, often patients needing x-rays may have very painful problems, such as a broken bone, and the kindest way to handle them, without hurting them, is to sedate or anaethetise them. Often we will plan to coincide other procedures that may also need sedation or anaesthetic, such as bandaging an injured leg or dental treatment, to be done at the same time as the x-rays. This means we can save your pet being sedated too often, which also helps to save you money. In most cases the sedation is fully reversed by an injection at the end of the procedure and your pet will wake up within minutes and be ready to walk out the door within half an hour if necessary!


Most of our patients fit on the special lead lined table but some are just too large. We can them move the table out of the way, lower the x-ray machine and take the x-rays right on the floor without having to lift the giant patients!! The x-rays are immediately processed in our specialised dark room, enabling us to have results within minutes. If necessary a digital copy of the x-rays can be sent to a specialist for a second opinion. This may be a specialist radiologist, surgeon or physician, depending on the problem.


X-Rays can be a very useful tool for establishing precisely what is wrong with a pet and are often also used to follow up and check on the success of a procedure such as a fracture repair.


Since too many x-rays can be dangerous, the vets and nurses taking the x-rays wear special lead lined protective clothing when x-rays are taken. The equipment is also frequently tested and examined by government regulators and the dedicated x-ray area is specifically certified for animal x-rays. At Gold Coast Vet Surgery we not only value the health and wellbeing of your pet, but also the health and safety of our wonderful staff!


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