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Australia is blessed with an abundance of wildlife and we are a caring nation. Despite being in a built up area, various birds and reptiles are frequently brought to us for medical treatment. As part of our service to the community, and our compassionate care, Gold Coast Vet Surgery will carry the costs of all treatment of wildlife at our surgery. We work closely with wildlife carers from organizations such as Wildcare, the RSPCA, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Bat Rescue and Seaworld, as well as several very committed private bird and reptile carers. We thank them all for the tremendous dedication and voluntary work. Without this extended network we would seldom be able to rehabilitate wildlife brought to us for care. Sadly many injuries mean that the bird or animal concerned has very little prospect of being rehabilitated to a point where it can be released into the wild to fend for itself again. In such cases we may sometimes decide that euthanasing the animal is the most humane option to end it’s pain and suffering. This, however, will only be considered as a last resort.

If you find stranded or injured wildlife, please phone us for initial advice. If this is not practical, catch the animal either in a cardboard box or wrapped in a towel and bring it in to the surgery. Here the vet will asses any injuries and decide on the best course of action. For baby birds, wherever possible do not intervene. Often the parents are near by and will shelter and care for the baby, but any human contact is likely to cause them to abandon their babies.


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