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Managing Pet Bandages, Splints or Casts
It is extremely important that all types of dressings are well cared for to minimise the risk of complications.
If the dressing slips or becomes wet or soiled, it may not perform its functions properly.  This can lead to complications, including pressure sores, which can become serious. Should your pet’s bandage slip or get wet please contact Gold Coast Vet Surgery immediately on (07) 5538 5909.
Unless otherwise advised, exercise should be limited to lead walks for toilet breaks only. Keep the dressing dry at all times.  Secure a plastic bag over the bandage if your pet must go out when the ground is wet.  Please remove the bag immediately afterwards – do not leave it on continuously otherwise the bandage will not be able to “breathe” and the skin underneath will sweat and develop complications.
Pinch the toes twice daily to ensure your pet can feel his/her toes.  If you are concerned please contact us immediately on 5538 5909.
Check the dressing daily, especially the top and bottom, and if any of the following occur, please contact Gold Coast Vet Surgery promptly:
• if there is a change in the shape or position of the dressing
• if your pet chews excessively at the dressing or is otherwise distracted by it
• if there are signs that the dressing is causing discomfort
• if there are unusual or bad odours from the dressing
• if there is any unexplained soiling of the dressing
• if sores develop at the top of the dressing
• if there is swelling of the limb
• if there are any signs of generalised illness (e.g. depression, loss of appetite)