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All fees must please be paid in full at the time of consultation.
Payment is accepted by :- 
  • Cash
  • VISA
  • Mastercard
Alternatively Payment Plans can be arranged through VetPay in most cases. This enables you to pay off the the cost of any veterinary treatment over 6 or 12 months. You can make a confidential application from the privacy of your own home at: but please allow at least 24hrs for approval. For more urgent applications please speak with us to arrange one the day approvals by VetPay
No accounts are offered, and so to avoid embarrassment please do not ask for credit, or an account! Unfortunately, we also do not accept either personal or company cheques.
Gold Coast Vet Surgery will assist you (at no charge) to complete your pet insurance claim forms, and will also promptly provide any medical history or receipts required by your insurance company.
For admitted patients (for surgery or in-hospital treatment) a deposit is usually required at the time of admission, and the balance is payable in full at the time of discharge.
Please feel free to discuss ANY financial concerns that you have, either at the initial consultation, or at any stage during your pet’s treatment. It is our practice policy to include pet owners in both medical and financial decisions regarding your pet’s treatment.
We will always endeavor to provide you with an accurate and inclusive estimate of costs prior to any treatment. But please realise that while we make every effort to remain within this, it is an estimate and not a fixed quote, since medicine and biology is not always completely predictable.
It is also our policy to keep you updated with the ongoing costs for hospitalised patients and we will discuss a revised estimate if the treatment plan changes or needs to continue for longer than initially anticipated.