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While a physical exam and symptoms may reveal a diagnosis, frequently other tests are required to fully understand what may be wrong, or to confirm a diagnosis. A wide range of blood, urine and faecal tests are run in our on site laboratory which is equipped with a state of the art Idexx Biochemistry Machine, microscope, urine pH meter, blood glucose meter, refractometer, centrifuge and faecal analysis equipment.Vet_Lab_Equipment_Microscope We also have several individual blood tests available for diseases such as Heartworm, Parvo Virus, Cat Aids, Feline Leukaemia Virus, Corona Virus and Giardia. For more advanced tests we have a close relationship with specialist veterinary reference laboratories. Through their network of couriers we receive excellent service and usually receive same day, or next day, results. An exception to this is biopsy histopathology which usually takes 5-10 days for processing.
We also have specialised ECG equipment for diagnosing certain heart conditions.