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We are proud to offer our friendly and personal service for all your veterinary needs and look forward to welcoming you to surgery soon.

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At Gold Coast Vet Surgery we aim to provide as wide a range of services as possible, while not compromising our high quality care. Personal and individual service is what we are all about. Not all vet practices offer the same services at the same price for many reasons. Some practices are not equipped to perform surgery, whereas some may not have x-ray, laboratory or hospital facilities. Such clinics are often consulting rooms operating as branches of a larger group.

Gold Coast Vet Surgery is proud to provide a full range of veterinary services, which includes the following :-

Consultations for Sick Pets
Puppy and Kitten Health Checks - FREE!
Puppy Kindy
Complete Flea and Tick Control
Heartworm Prevention - incl Once a Year injection
Intestinal Worming Advice and Control
Senior / Geriatric Checks
Wellness Screening and General Health Checks
Weight Loss Programs
Dental Scaling and Polishing
Tooth Extractions
Complete Pet Nutrition Advice
Home Visits
Behaviour Consultations and Advice
Orthopedic Surgery
Specialist Referrals
In House Laboratory including On-Site Blood Tests
Allergy Blood Tests
Allergy Desensitisation Programs

At Gold Coast Vet Surgery all our anaesthetics are fully monitored by a surgical nurse backed up by hi tech monitoring equipment. While it may cost a bit more, we use the safest anaesthetic combinations available. All operations routinely receive pain relief before, during and after the surgical procedure. We provide detailed post-operative advice and are always willing to talk to our clients on the phone if they have any questions.

Gold Coast Vet Surgery stocks a wide range of Dog and Cat vaccinations including the most common C5 and F3/F4 annual vaccines.

We also stock an intranasal Canine Cough (Kennel Cough) vaccine called Bronchishield. This vaccine is trickled into the dog's nose rather than being injected under the skin. It provides more immediate protection against Canine Cough than the more common injectable brands. As it stimulates a strong local immune response in the nose it is also a more effective vaccine as it stops the disease at the very point where it tries to get into the body, the respiratory system.

We also stock, and recommend, the revolutionary new Cat Aids (FIV) Vaccine. This vaccine offers excellent protection against Feline Aids and is strongly recommended for all cats that are able to go outdoors at all. Similarly, cats with outdoor exposure are also recommended to have a vaccination against Feline Leukaemia Virus (FeLV). We stock F5 vaccines that are a combination of the standard F4 and Feline Leukaemia Virus vaccines, reducing the physical number of needles a cat needs to receive.

All vaccination appointments include a full consultation and health check which gives you the opportunity to discuss any concerns you have about your pets health.

When we consider that on average one dog or cat year is the equivalent of 7 human years, it's amazing that a once a year check is all that many pets need - that's like us only seeing a doctor once every 7 years!!!!!