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The Operating Theatre is the engine room of a veterinary surgery. Gold Coast Vet Surgery has a dedicated sterile operating theatre where most surgery is performed. Contaminated procedures that involve a lot of infection, such as abscesses or dental procedures, are performed in our non-sterile treatment room so as to not contaminate and compromise the theatre. Importantly the operating theatre is a separate room that has no through flow to the rest of the hospital, and has its own air conditioning control.
Next door is the Prep Room where patients are initially put under anaesthetic, shaved and cleaned in preparation for their operation. Only once the operating site has been cleaned and prepared is the patient moved onto the theatre table.
The theatre table is hydraulically operated enabling the height and angle etc to be specifically adjusted to suit the surgeon and area being operated on. Special theatre lights help illuminate the area where the surgeon is working. All patients have a tube placed into the airway in their throat. Through this tube they receive a mixture of oxygen and anaesthetic gas that is essentially delivered directly to their lungs. Should a patient stop breathing, or be having chest surgery, they can also be ventilated through this tube. Oxygen is available in theatre, and throughout the hospital, via dedicated pipes from the central storage tanks.
Most patients undergoing an operation are on an intravenous drip. To ensure that they receive the correct dose of iv fluids, the drip is operated by a special iv fluid pump. While under anaesthetic all animals are carefully monitored by qualified veterinary nurses. To aid them with this task, modern monitoring equipment is used to monitor the patient’s vital signs.
At Gold Coast Vet Surgery we use the safest Gold Standard anaesthetic combination for all operations – it is not offered just as an optional extra. While it may cost us a bit more, the benefits in terms of safety and a faster recovery are well worth it. We also recommend that prior to any anaesthetic or sedation we run a panel of blood tests to ensure that the anaesthetic is as safe as possible. These blood tests are run in our on site laboratory so the results are immediately available. Therefore, conveniently the tests can be run on the same day as the operation, instead of having to visit us a few days before for a blood test. While it would be great to do the blood tests on every patient, given the added cost and the fact that there’s no Medicare for pets, these tests are optional.
As part of the theatre unit, the Prep Room is also where all the surgical instruments are cleaned, packed and sterilised in our new high-tech vacuum autoclave.
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