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Any time in hospital is stressful for most animals. Their comfort is of utmost importance at Gold Coast Vet Surgery. Very importantly dogs and cats are housed in completely separate areas with doors to each ward for noise control. The kennels are specialised veterinary kennels designed to be secure, warm and easy to clean and disinfect between patients. Special built in drains help with cleaning and removing unwanted body fluids. We have a range of kennel sizes including large walk in kennels for big dogs. To reduce stress for cats we routinely use the pheromone product Feliway in our cat kennels which works a treat. For really sick patients, with a suspected infectious disease, we house them in a separate Isolation Kennel area to reduce contamination of the rest of the clinic.
Patients on iv drips are connected to special iv fluid pumps to ensure that they get the correct amt of fluids during their stay. Our climate control air conditioning keeps patients warm in winter and cool in summer, and we have a range of electric and microwavable heat pads, especially to help keep patients warm as they recover from anaesthetic.