About You

As a caring pet owner you expect the best possible care for your pet. Simply by seeking out this website we know that you are not just prepared to accept any old vet - you will not settle for mediocre or mundane. No doubt you care about the level of care your pet receives and expect excellent customer service. You wish for your furry family member to be handled gently, and with compassion.

At Gold Coast Vet Surgery we want our clients to want the best for their pets – after all it’s precisely why we became vets and nurses, to help heal animals. Veterinary care is a two way process – we cannot help them without your diligent home nursing and careful monitoring of their progress.

You want to be treated like a person, not just a number, or even worse – just another problem. Our clients appreciate frank, honest advice delivered with compassion and understanding. You should expect to have the full range of treatment options offered, and the merits and costs of each discussed. We pride ourselves on taking a personal approach considering all of your, and your pet’s, circumstances.

Everyone and their pet is welcome at Gold Coast Vet Surgery – from mice and budgies, all the way through to Great Danes and Garfield cats! We look forward to getting to know you, not as clients, but rather as members of our extended family. We will strive to become the people you turn to and trust when you need to know anything about your pet’s care.

Ultimately you want to be appreciated and considered in the solutions for your pet’s care. You need results, not academic mumbo jumbo. If this is you, then you need Gold Coast Vet Surgery and we are pleased to have you as part of our family. 


Couple on beach walk with pet dog