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Gold Coast Vet Surgery is a small animal clinic (ie Pets) and unfortunately we are not equipped to deal with farm animals. Most of our patients are dogs and cats, but we do also see a number of Birds, Rats, Guinea Pigs and Reptiles (unfortunately as they are considered vermin, rabbits are illegal as pets in Queensland).

Whilst we do not profess to be experts, the vets at Gold Coast Vet Surgery are quite prepared to see more unusual or exotic pets. Some of these patients can have very complex and peculiar medical problems. Whilst we have extensive experience with a range of species, they may be situations where an unusual pet's problem is beyond our expertise. In such a case we will honestly discuss this with you and there are several bird and exotic pet specialists that we can either refer you to, or contact for advice.

Unfortunately we will not see venomous snakes, and where applicable you are required to have the appropriate permits.